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pickabook books with huge discounts for everyone
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 Question : I didn't cancel my order. Why is it showing as 'Cancelled' or 'Cancelled by system'?
 Answer :
If your order is showing in the Order Status(es) area as 'Cancelled', even though you did not cancel it online, this may be because:

a) You have asked us by e-mail or telephone to cancel your order;

b) You have made an error in your order;

c) There is an error in your address details;

d) Your order has been stopped at one of the stages of our security checks.

If a line in your order is showing as 'Cancelled by system', the item has been cancelled automatically because it is not available for sale.


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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (Little People, Big Dreams)
Inspire kids with the glittering story of pop superstar Taylor Swift! This talented singer-songwriter started as a little country girl with a big dream to become a star.
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